X International Workshops on Religious Tourism

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Please contact us on the number: (+351) 249 540 226 / (+351) 913 103 271 or by email: info@iwrt.pt 

The X IWRT will take place between March 10th and 11th, 2022.

During the morning of March 10th, the Conference will be live broadcasted on the IWRT's website, with subjects of concern and reflection about Religious Tourism.

The afternoon of March 10th will be filled with different contents and interventions, provided by guest speakers.  

The remaining program on March 10th is reserved for professionals registered to participate in the event (Suppliers and Hosted Buyers), running in parallel with live broadcast presentations, on the IWRT's website.

The program for March 11th is reserved for professionals registered to participate in the event.



 10th edition of IWRT will have the following organization:

Thursday, March 10th : The entire program will take place at the Centro Pastoral Paulo VI, here:


The dinner on March 10th will take place in a place yet to be announced. (A transfer will be made available for this purpose).

Friday, March 11th: The course of the day and lunch will take place at the Centro Pastoral Paulo VI, here:


The dinner on March 11th will take place at a location yet to be announced and is reserved for Hosted Buyers registered for the event. (A transfer will be made available for this purpose).

Saturday, March 12th: Free day for Hosted Buyers (with the exception of registered participants in the Jewish Heritage Tourism segment).

From 16:00 on March 12th, transfer by bus to the city of Guarda, to Hosted Buyers registered in the Jewish Heritage Tourism segment.

Sunday, March 12th: Pós - Tours

With a timetable still to be defined: for Hosted Buyers, who remain in Fátima, invitation to participate in the post-tour provided by the Municipality of Ourém "Tourist experiences in Fátima and in the region".

Monday and Tuesday, March 14th and 15th: Pós – Tours


The X IWRT Edition 2022 is hosted by ACISO – Associação Empresarial Ourém – Fátima, in cooperation with Ourém’s Municipality, Guarda’s Municipality and Fátima’s Shrine. Counting with the support of Turismo de Portugal, Turismo do Centro and the Programa Operacional Regional do Centro.


All participants of the face-to-face format must have a valid Immunization Certificate (min. 2 doses) or have a Post-Covid Recovery Certificate and be covered by the 180 days protection period at the time of the X IWRT 2022.

The list of countries with valid Certificate of Vaccination to enter Portugal and the European Union can be found here and also here

All people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 can participate in the Virtual version of the X IWRT on Saturday, March 12, 2022. 

You can check the Regulation of the event here


Yes. Both cities, Fátima and Guarda, offer parking facilities near the venue.

You can register for the different segments: Conference, Supplier and Hosted Buyer on the website:


Registration can be made on the official website of the event, in its segment, although it's not mandatory:


 If you register, you will receive an email reminding to connect on June 24th.

By registering only for the conference, you will have access to participation and assistance at the conference, which will take place on the morning of March 10th.

Yes, participation in the Conference is free.



Although registration is not mandatory, you can do it to receive an reminder email to connect to the broadcast.

You can attend the Conference at the Paulo VI Pastoral Center in Fatima (by presenting your Certificate of Vaccination against COVID-19 or Certificate of Recuperation) or by accessing the website: www.iwrt.pt

Registration for Hosted Buyers and Suppliers can be done until February 11th, 2022.

All interested who wish to register for the Conference may do it until March 02nd, 2022. 

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations are limited.

On our previous editions, registrations sold out. In order to maintain the quality of the event, as well as the ratio between Suppliers vs. Hosted Buyers, the Organization reserves the right to suspend registrations, only reopening them when and if new Hosted Buyers are confirmed.


By registering on the segment Conference, please be aware that you won’t have access to participate in the Contact Exchange – One-to-One meetings.

If you registered as a Supplier / Hosted Buyer, your subscription in the Conference is assured.

To those who are interested only in the conference, registration must be done in this segment.

You can register in the event on our official website, in the specific segment:



Two participants are allowed per registration as a Supplier.

By registering as a Supplier, you will have access to the entire program of the event: Conference and One-to-One meetings with the Hosted Buyers. You will also have access to a database with the contacts and profiles of invited Hosted Buyers and the schedule of the One-to-One meetings.


On the official website www.iwrt.pt accessing it through the option "Reserved Area".

Your digital content will be uploaded and available through the event's official website: www.iwrt.pt. By accessing the option "Reserved Area" , and can be consulted by Hosted Buyers at any time.

Yes, everyone registered as a Suppliers will participate in the One-to-One meetings.

Payment must be made as soon as possible. You will receive an automatic email from the Organization, with all the information to proceed with the payment of your registration in the event.

Before making the payment, please check the values to be paid in the invoice received.

  • If your company/entity belongs to the European Union, make sure it is registered in VIES (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=pt)

Once the payment is validated, we will directly send you the Receipt. 

If your company / enterprise needs an official invoice, you must contact us by email info@iwrt.pt

You can register for the event on our official website, in the specific segment:


When registering as a Hosted Buyer you will have access to the whole program of the event: Conference and One-to-One meetings with the Suppliers. 


Each registration allows only one participant as Hosted Buyer. Registration is personal and non-transferable.

Yes, this participation is mandatory. If the Hosted Buyer is absent from these meetings, s/he won't be allowed to take part in any other future events planned by the organization.

Yes, all pre-scheduled meetings are mandatory. In case of no-show, the Organization reserves the right of non validation of future events participation. 

Yes, you can register for the event and the Organization of X IWRT 2022 will determine if your participation is adequate as a Hosted Buyer.

The Organization will send you an email  telling you when to schedule your One-to-One meetings.


Meetings will happen on the platform created for this purpose, between Suppliers and Hosted Buyers, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes.
The connections between participants are managed automatically by the platform.

One-to-One meetings will take place during the afternoon of March 10th and all day of 11th.

They must have a maximum duration of 15 minutes each, made on the website platform created for the virtual event.

The meetings schedule management platform will take into consideration participant's time zones, trying the best to conciliate their convenience and time zones (keeping in mind that this will not always be possible).

After the 15 minutes of meeting time are over, the platform transfers automatically the connection to another participant, as the meetings were previously scheduled.

All connections between participants are scheduled in advance and are automatically generated by the platform.

To participate in One-To-One meetings, you need: 

  • Internet connection; 
  • Computer;
  • Webcam;
  • Microphone;
  • Be registered to receive your credentials to access the platform where the meetings will be held. 


Send us an email to info@iwrt.pt and we will contact you. Thank you! 

Don't hesitate to contact us:


Consult the Regulation here