Previous Editions

ACISO - Ourém-Fátima Business Association has been organizing the IWRT annually since 2012, in partnership with the Municipality of Ourém and the Sanctuary of Fátima, and since 2018, the Municipality of Guarda has also joined.

Main objectives:

  • Promote a Contact Exchange;
  • Promote Portugal internationally as a preferred destination for Religious Tourism;
  • Reinforce the importance of Religious Tourism in the context of the global tourism sector.

Registrations are limited, and final approval by the IWRT organization is required.

In the last edition, we gathered representatives from 47 countries (markets) who concluded nearly 5000 business meetings.

2024 - IWRT Fátima 2024
Breaking New Grounds
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2022 - IWRT Fátima 2022
The Tourism that follows, Different Outlooks
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2021 - IWRT Fátima 2021
Fatima: one destiny, different paths
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2020 - IWRT Fátima 2020
VIII Workshops
Youth, Religion and Spirituality: old challenges in new times
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2019 - IWRT Fátima 2019
VII Workshops
Experiences, Places and Networks of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage in Europe
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2018 - IWRT Fátima 2018
VI Workshops
Globalization and Religious Tourism
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2017 - IWRT Fátima 2017
V Workshops
Welcoming the Pope: Tourism and major religious events
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2016 - IWRT Fátima 2016
IV Workshop
Religious Tourism: Profile of the 21st-century religious tourist
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2015 - IWRT Fátima 2015
III Workshop
Religious Tourism: new answers to new challenges
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2013 - IWRT Fátima 2013
II Workshop
A Cultural Experience in Religious destinations
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2012 - IWRT Fátima 2012
I Workshop
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