X International Workshops on Religious Tourism

Presentation | Fátima - June, 23rd, 2022

With the secularization of our societies, pilgrimage as a religious practice has been reconfiguring its role and religious tourism, now in a broader concept, has grown, giving rise to an increasingly demanding market segment. The spiritual aspect in the search for an encounter with oneself is, increasingly, motivating believers and non-believers who seek a certain withdrawal. Religious tourists want to drink from the history and symbolism that destinations carry. These trips are for all ages and include varied motivations other than specifically religious ones.

Portugal is a tour of temples, cults and religious festivals and has in Fatima the main place of Marian worship worldwide. Moved by faith or imbued with a more universal spirituality, we will be able to visit and experience a certain “spirit of the place” in these unique places, whether in search of the sacred or of ourselves.


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