International Workshops on Religious Tourism

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro is a state blessed by its beauty and diversity of destinations. Its people have an unshakeable faith. We are embraced by Christ the Redeemer every day and our energy radiates and is felt by all the tourists who visit us.

We have sea, mountains, waterfalls, world heritage sites, music, gastronomy and unique landscapes. We have history, struggle and faith, and we are looking forward to introducing them to you!

Vaccination in the state is advancing and we are getting ready to receive everyone who intends to visit us and feel the magic of reunion here in our destination.

We hope to welcome you soon with all our welcoming, positive spirit and hope for better days!


Paths of Faith: Caminhos da Fé | Paths of Faith | Caminos de La Fe | Flickr

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


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